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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 3, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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six days have passed since airasia flight 6501 has crashed. what the rescue flyers have found and what we know about the doomed flight and its passengers. the u.s. announcing new sanctions on north korea. we'll explain how that may affect the country's elite and their lifestyle. we'll also take you to another country familiar with u.s. sanctions and see the optimism now that some of those sanctions are eased for cuba. and the film "back to the future" made big predictions for what 2015 would look like. just how right or wrong were they. that film is 30 years old. can you believe it? welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. i'm natalie allen.
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we begin this hour in indonesia where rough seas are keeping the search teams from getting a closer look at two large pieces of metal now spotted in the java sea. they believe the objects are from the airasia flight that crashed. recovery crews also found a panel, this panel with two windows. they found this on friday. and planes flying overhead have spotted oil slicks. paula went out with the helicopter today. she joins us from indonesia. but just like many others in the search you and the helicopter crew couldn't see very much out there, paula? >> reporter: that's right, natalie. at the last minute the flight plan was changed so we didn't go to the site itself. we went along the coastline were at at least we intended to. because officials are concerned that some the bodies and debris may have actually drifted those
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100 nautical miles to dry land. so that's where we intended to go with this police helicopter. but just half an hour into the flight we had to turn back. the pilot said we couldn't fly around the weather. and he said i was too dangerous and even if he was willing to fly through the weather, the visibility would not be good enough to spot anything in the patteren or the ground. in new bodies have been found today. we know that 30 have been retrieved so far of the 162. but certainly it has been a difficult day for rescuers to be able to try and find any parts of the plane or the victims themselves. we're hearing from the site the waves are about three and a half to four meters high. that's up to 13 feet. so dozens of divers are simply waiting on deck. they can't go in the water. it's just too dangerous. we did see a russian plane landing here with 22 divers on
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board. they also had sonar and acoustic equipment which they were confident would be able to help in the search. but of course if the weather is not going to cooperate you can have all of the best technology in the world but if you can't use it it is going to put the search on hold as we've seen over the recent days. >> a lot of aircraft behind you just sitting there. that is tough to see. because they have spotted some objects but they can't get to them. you mentioned, paula, that you were in the helicopter 30 minutes into the flight on the way to the west coast of borneo. they boarded the flight and then had to adorpt. how long would it have taken you to get there? how spread out is this search area? >> reporter: well to get to the search area in the open sea, in the java sea, would have taken just 45 minutes in the helicopter. but because of the weather conditions they made it a red
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zone. so only helicopters who are directly helping in trying to winch the victims from ships were allowed into that area because it was simply too dangerous. we were going along the coast. we are intending to be there for a couple of hours. the concern now is the bodies have been in salt water for some time. we spoke to the executive director of the dbi, the group in charge of the identification a little earlier and asked him how difficult things could become. >> the first identified body was identified using -- and after we have to use another matter let's say using dental records, dna and some other things. >> reporter: he also said that he wants to find these bodies as soon as possible before they start to sink. natalie in. >> just a grim grim task all
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around. and the fact that these families have to identify their loved ones once they find them. thank you, paula hancocks. we certainly hope the weather will clear soon. well one of the six bodies identified so far is that of a young flight attendant who chose the profession because she loved to travel. david mall cove met with their family. >> step by step to their final resting place. each bearing a number each number a soul. casket four no longer nameless but identified as the first crew member of 8501 still wearing her uniform. >> nisa is an obedient daughter.
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she's always tidy and loves to learn. lots of her friends love her. >> just like her dad. >> in the family hotel room nisa's parents smile and even offer a laugh as they share her memories. >> she cared about her family very much? >> yes. >> pictures show a poised young woman with a giving heart and an adventurous spirit that took her hundreds of miles away from home. >>. >> translator: it's a dream. it's fun. she never complained. she new the risks. >> translator: she knew the risks but she loved this. it was her dream. he loved traveling. >> the interview was suddenly cut short by a phone call. the phone call no parent wants to get. their smiles vanish replaced by a sense of argumency and
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finality. a few hours later, a solemn transfer of remains. her parents say they've already made preparations for their daughter's burial as she begins or final journey home. >> translator: good-bye. good-bye nisa. >> so heartbreaking. what sweet, sweet parents. well authorities have identified the victims of a plane crash in the u.s. state of kentucky as a mother father and two young girls. a seven-year-old girl was the sole survivor of the crash. authorities say she told a nearby homeowner she had been in a crash friday night. she went walking to find someone to help her. searchers later found the wreckage along with four bodies. u.s. aviation officials will
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investigate. >> 360 migrants who spent several days adrift on the sea are safe on dry land today. the icelandic coast guard towed the ship into an italian port early saturday. all of the people you see here are very very fortunate that they survived. all of the my grants aboard including four pregnant women appear to be in good health. it is the second time this week that a crewless my grant ship had to be rescued in the region. some believe this may be part of a new horrifying trend in human trafficking where there is no one there to help these people no crew on the ship. >> a crewless ship carrying hundreds of abandoned my grants drifts off the southern italian coast. this footage shot by italy's coast guard as they respond to
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the distress call. it is the second such incident in four days. the blue sky now safely docked in the ports, the crew abandoned ship. but only after setting an auto pilot course for italy's rocky coastline, the ship losing power in the rough seas. the italian coast guard called their rescue operation a disaster averted. the u.n. says in 2014 more than 200,000 people made the treacherous sea crossing to europe. many of them from war torn syria. winter storms on the aid yay trick don't see to be stopping them. so the italians are stepping in. eu organizing crime fighting agencies believe traffic charged $3,000 u.s. for pabszssengers on
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ships declared as scrap. this is a worrying new trend. with poverty in parts of the middle east and after ka. there's no short tanl of passengers undertaking this treacherous crossing. next here the u.s. taking action over allegations nrt korea hacked sony last month. we'll go live to beijing to find out who the u.s. is targeting in these sanctions. also ahead a little later, bono's somber message to his fans about his future in music. does a freshly printed presentation fill you with optimism?
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the u.s. has slapped north korea with another round of sanctions after alleging it was responsible for the hack against sony last month. president obama signed the order while on vacation while in hawaii. jim acosta reports from honolulu. >> happy new year, everybody. >> reporter: the new sanctions ordered by president obama are being dubbed by the white house as broad and powerful aenl only the initial u.s. response to north korea's response to the allege cyberattack on sony pictures. they're aimed at any and all officials in the north korean government as well as the heart
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of pyongyang's shadowy operation and the money that finances it. the rgb, north korea's intelligence organization plus a chief research and development firm. in a letter to john boehner, the president says this adds to sanctions already in place and is not targeted at the people of north korea but rather aimed a the the government of north korea and its activities. he vowed to hold pyongyang responsible. >> they caused a lot of damage and we will respond. we will respond proportionally and we'll respond in a place and time as manner that we choose. >> in an interview with cnn, mr. obama called north korea's action a kind of cyber vandalism the u.s. will be dealing with for years to come. >> we're going to be in an environment in this new world where so much is digitalized
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that both state and nonstate actors are going to have the capacity to disrupt or lives in all sorts of ways. we have to do a much better job of guarding against that. we have to treat it like we would treat the incidents of crime, you know in our countries. >> the white house appeared to suggest that the u.s. was not blind that vast internet outage in yort korea days after the president's comments. josh earnest said in a statement, the sanctions are the first actions of our response. the seen year white house official said that the u.s. is not ruling out the possibility that north korea may have done it to themselves. just how much these new sanctions will pinch north korea's already isolated economy is not clear. the u.s. is not certain whether the ten people targeted in the same-sexes have assets in the u.s. the white house making it very clear they're just getting
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warmed up. and cnn correspondent will ripley has reported for cnn inside north korea and he is in beijing right now to talk more -- let's dig deep into these sanctions, will and who the u.s. is targeting. and you have more details about the type of people the u.s. is targeting and how they want to try to hurt this regime. >> reporter: yeah. i mean certainly the sanctions in one sense, they're sending them a very strong message that any activity like this won't be tolerated. but what the sanctions do is they publicly name ten high level government officials who haven't been named publicly before including seven who were involved directly in the arms dealing business. one of the ways that north korea makes its money. these are people operating in places like africa iran russia and syria who up until now had been under the radar. now they're exposed. it will be more difficult for them to sell weapons.
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and me american citizens are forbidden from doing transactions with them. one of them is directly involved in cyber intelligence another in the arm trafficking business and another in research and development. these do sting. but, again, the overall message is don't conduct this type of activity or there will be consequences. >> hopefully it will sting against the regime. the united states says this is just the beginning. so they could be continuing? who else could they -- what else could they try and do to hurt this regime in north korea? >> reporter: well that has yet to be seen what other steps could be taken. there are already sanctions in place. these are on top of sanctions that are already in place because of the nuclear program that north korea, you know has basically defied international
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requests and demands to stop its development of nuclear weapons and that sort of thing. what could come next who knows. what the u.s. government is saying by calling this their first step is they deny any responsibility with that north korean internet outage that happened recently. could the u.s. conduct some cyber activity, possibly but that would have a limited effect on a very fragile country. >> we'll wait and see if the sanctions make an impact and what perhaps north korea's response will be. thank you very much. well an american who went missing in the mountain of central mexico has been found dead. accord to state officials, his body was found by search teams in a canyon friday. the american had been at a yoga retreat earlier in the week. s say he left for a hike and apparently fell. but they're not certain of the
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cause of death. for cubans this week not only marks the new year it is also the 56th anniversary of the cuban revolution. and as u.s.-cuban relations finally again to thaw cnn's karl pen thal ask cubans what they hope this will mean for them. >> reporter: eyes down for a new year's game. dominos. and with news of a thaw in u.s. relations, these cubans have a close eye on prospects for 2015. it's possible congress could lift the embargo. good things are coming. maybe there'll be improvement economically and socially she says. she's unshare what the change will mean. >> i'm not sure whether we'll be celebrating next new year with coca-cola and mcdonald's but i know we'll always have a good
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time with a beer a little rum and roast pork he says. >> it's not just new year. like the faded sign says january 1st also marks another anniversary of the triumph of the cuban revolution. across the street this man is stitching shoes with a 100-year-old machine made long before the revolution. >> sure the revolution is important because thanks to that i'm working. without the revolution i wouldn't have what i have he says. >> as to recent economic reforms, this father of three is self employed. he says his income kpends how much he works. >> i wish all the peace and prosperity for cuba and for the rest of the world, he says.
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this neighbor is retouching an old statue et of cuban's patron saint. he's got a lot of faith that 2015 is going to be good. >> the people need a lot of happiness and now that relations with the u.s. are going to improve, there will be change he says. >> back in the domino game, this woman says 2014 has been a great year for her. >> it was a great year. my boyfriend proposed to me she says. ♪ >> this man clearly has a way to go to master english, but he has sights set on the u.s. in 2014 hoping to join the rest of his family in tampa. >> but even if i do go away for
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30 years, i'll come back because i was born in cuba and i'll die in cuba, he says. he like others proud to be cuban, optimistic for the prospects of change. >> beautiful story there. it will interesting to watch and see what unfolds in cuba in 2015. well more dangerous winter weather is unfolding in the u.s. this was the snowy scene on the west coast earlier this week. well east coast, prepare yourself. it's coming. we'll cove your weather conditions around the world with ivan cabrera coming next. healthy looking radiant skin. a good night's sleep... and aveeno®. [ female announcer ] only aveeno® positively radiant has an active naturals® total soy formula. it helps reduce the look of brown spots in just four weeks. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™.
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well, get ready united states. a storm system will affect millions of people in the u.s. this weekend. we're talking snow ice, rain thunderstorms, et cetera. our meteorologist ivan cabrera has more on that. started out west and now we see. >> it's good going. it's absolutely right. we had a tornado warning out in texas. >> in january. >> yes. >> wow. >> a tornado in texas, tornado warning any way in eastern texas, along with heavy rain and then freezing rain with ice and then snow that has been accumulating across parts of western texas. you're just getting it all over
2:26 am
the place. i think we have new pictures coming in from west texas of the snow that has freshly fallen and accumulated in some parts of west texas up to nine inches. can you imagine? that's plowable and that's going to be a while to clear out. in fact it's not going to go anywhere because unless you move in out of the way, it's going to be very cold. look at the moisture stream all the way up into chicago, freezing rain at this hour in ohio. it really is going to be a mess and it's going to continue in the next 48 hours as storm merges with another system that drops in to the north and west and all combining to make a good snow event across portions of new england. but before the rain moves in. warnings for winter storm across western texas, parts of new mexico as well the advisories have been posted across the central u.s. and then this good
2:27 am
chunk of real estate that we have here that's going to be looking at freezing rain also icing conditions along with the snowfall. there you see the winter storm watches that have now been moved to warnings. so get ready for some plowable snow as well across new england, four to eight inches will be falling there. in fact the storm system here severe storm potential with damaging wind isolated tornado. this will be from saturday especially late saturday, and the line will continue pushing east. if you're traveling here that is going to be an issue for you as well, especially on the roads by the time it gets to the airports winding down it will be a lake effect. but there you see the watches in place as a result of the one to two inches of rainfall that's going to fall in a very short amount of time. just file this away for next week an arctic blast is going to be coming in.
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we're looking at frigid temperatures making it all the way down to the out. but across portions of the u.s. it will be in the teens and may not get out of the single digits. good times. >> all right. well recovery crews find what could be a major clue or two in the search for airasia flight 8501 within the java sea. we'll go live to sydney australia to talk about the latest and we'll also talk about airasia's safety record and new questions about that. also ahead here the hit film "back to the future" made om some predictions about 2015 when it came out 30 years ago. what did it get right and what did it get wrong about what would life be like this year. we'll look into that one for you. stay with us.
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welcome back. here are the stop stories. the sus has slapped north korea with sanctions after alleging it was against the attack against sony, preventing them from access to the u.s. north korea insists it had nothing to do with the cyberattack. rough seas are keeping search teams from getting a closer look at two large pieces of metal spotted in the java sea. they believe the ongts are from airasia flight 8501. 30 dodd byes now have been
2:33 am
recovered from the suspected crash area. six of them have been identified. well the new debris and oil slick spotted off the coast of borneo may mean that the searchers are getting close to finding the plane's fuselage and more key pieces of this plane. so that's one track of this story. there's another track however into the investigation of the airline itself. for more on that let's turn to our principle with dra professional aviation services joining us once again live from sydney australia. >> good evening. >> good evening and good morning. we're hearing reports that indonesia is going to review all flight schedules for airasia. what exactly does that mean and what's prompting this? >> we've heard the report that they were not actually licensed or they didn't actually have a mer mitt to fly on this sunday the 28th. it's quite normal that any airline in any country can't
2:34 am
take off and fly a route whenever it chooses to do so. particularly when there's an international flight as this was from indonesia to singapore, you have to be national agreements between the two countries. so the bilateral agreement would specify very clearly what flight was able to operate. it's an agreement between the governments. as they were flying on a day when they actually didn't have an agreement and didn't have a permit to fly, it's quite unusual. and there are issues of why they were even able to file a flight plan. but apparently that is what's happened. >> and so -- yeah let's talk about that the possible ramifications then. what might that mean to the airline and what could that mean to the families?
2:35 am
>> well my immediate thought is that this has been a rather bad year for the insurance companies. they are going to be paying out a lot of money on 8501 mh 370 and four other crashes of the total losses that have occurred. this is another one. i wonder in the insurance company will get this as a possible way of avoiding having to pay out claims. insurance companies are very sensitive to that sort of thing these days. if you're driving your car and you had a couple of drinks too many your insurance company won't cover your car crash in you have one. if the airline is flying on a day or on a route where it's not actually permitted to be operating, the insurance company may have a careful look at it. >> what a difference six days make. when this first happened there was much said about the good record, the good reputation of
2:36 am
airasia. now we're learning a little bit more as we do when things like this happen. there was another incident with an airasia plane in the philippines just a few day after the crash. are the airlines safety standards now in question? >> they have to be. that was two kays after the 8501 went missing. they ran off the end of a runway. it's a major problem and a concern right across asia through to china and indonesia. all of these other countries, the rate of growth is very vast. the aircraft are being ordered by the dozens. there are passenger growth. the asia pacific region is recognized as the fastest growing region of the world. the question has to be asked how can these aircraft be introduced to service safely and professional. if they're growing too quickly,
2:37 am
do we have enough trained pilots and pilot crew to operate the aircraft. for every aircraft you've got, you need to have three complete crews to cover 24 hours of operations. you're talking 30 to 40 people, including engineers and all of the other people that support the aircraft. it's not easy introducing an aircraft into service. it's not like putting a taxi on the road. it's a complex business. can that airline manage this properly and safely? and this thing we now refer to as a safety management system. safety management systems are required to be in place for every air ra carrier regardless of its size. it's an international requirement. those safety systems -- i've had the occasion to inspect some of
2:38 am
the safety management systems. what i've found is they're beautifully prepared web written up and bound up in lovely book lets. they've come out of the printer shop and have been placed on the shelf. they haven't been opened and read. so you know it's all very well to say everything is in place, but is it being properly applied and is it being properly managed. and this is the responsibility of the ceo, the chairman of the board, make sure the safety culture is promulgated right down through the rank to the lowest levels of the company. >> we know the ceo tony fernandez has been outspoken. he will support ever aspect of this investigation. we'll see as we move forward what this investigation unfolds. and hopefully, as we mentioned, that they're getting closer to this airplane and closer to those flight data recorders and we can get some real answers.
2:39 am
and we'll of course talk with you again. thanks as always. >> welcome. thanks. well a church in indonesia has lost dozens of its members. passengers on board the flight. there were 42 church members. the worshippers are struggling to cope with losing so many friends and family members. gary tuchman visited their church in surabaya. ♪ >> reporter: they are people who have something in common. they belong to the same protestant. they arye here with something else in common. they are all people who lost loved ones on board airasia flight 8501. ♪ heart broken people here are members of the ma war sharon church with 45,000 members across indonesia. sadly many of them had packed
2:40 am
the airasia flight to celebrate the new year in singapore. this is a church pastor. >> 46 people from this church were on the plane. >> yes. >> that's almost one third of the total people on the plane. >> yes. we're putting trust in god's hand. >> 46 members of the trust were not all traveling together. it with u just a coincidence so many of them ended up on this flight. >> something that's happened in our lives, sometimes we just don't understand what god's really intent. and in that way, we just put our trust, everything completely in his way. because this is going to bring, everything is the best for our life. >> none of the bodies of the 46 members of the church have been recovered yet. the pastor tells me until they're accounted for they're in a place between life and death. church members preferred not to
2:41 am
talk on camera. but sometimes you don't need to hear words because when you look at their faces you understand how they feel. gary tuchman cnn surabaya indonesia. >> that is certainly true. well we're going to turn now to new york the funeral for slain new york police officer wenjian liu is set for sunday. his wake will be held a few hours from now at a funeral home in brooklyn. liu and his partner ramos were gunned down ambush style as they sat in their patrol car last month. the top police officer is urging his police force not to turn their backs on this man, the city's mayor when he attends liu's funeral. last weekend you may recall hundreds of officers this is them here turning their backs on mayor bill de blasio when he appeared at officer ramos' funeral service.
2:42 am
the gesture symbolizes tension that the police officers have with the mayor who they believe snubbed them with unreported statements related recently between deadly encounters between police and unarmed citizens in the u.s. which we've been covering for the past few months. police commissioner william bratton sent a memo friday asking officers to focus their attention toward liu, wenjian liu. saying a hero' funeral is about grieving not grievance. coming up here, women involved in a prostitution ring are telling their stories and the name of britain's prince andrew has come up in a court document in those stories. we'll have a report next. hy white™. it not only safely whitens teeth, but also restores enamel. lose the nerves and get a healthier whiter smile that you'll love. listerine® healthy white™. power to your mouth™!
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welcome back. after a series of attacks on israelis many are now taking self defense training. ian lee tells us those living in the west bank setments say it is essential. >> reporter: it may look like fun, even at times funny. but what these israelis are learning is serious self-defense techniques that could save their lives. today's lessons here, how to defend against a knife attack using an israeli fighting style. last november a palestinian man
2:46 am
went on a rampage with a knife at a nearby settlement block. he's taken down eventually but not before killing one person and injuring three others. students say it's because of attacks like that they're here. >> it's really empowering to feel that you can possibly control the situation, that's you're not at the mercy of whom ever shows up with a knife. >> reporter: it's not to create rambos but ahert the citizens who train in defensive driving and gun handling. >> the main thing is learning how to become aggressive. if someone is attacking you and trying to hurt you, you've got to respond aggression. >> with the united states recording more than 200 israeli attacks against the settlers in 2014. self-defense training can save lives. but here palestinians say they're the ones that need to defense. the u.s. put the numbers of attacks by settlers against
2:47 am
palestinians at over 300 last year. those attacks can turn deadly. in 2011 an israeli settler shot and killed this 15-year-old boy during an altercation. police investigated the killing but the case was closes the prosecutor said for the lack of sufficient evidence. >> there is no justice in israel this man tells me. palestinians are attacked and killed every day. >> he shows us where his son was killed why the two were planting peachtrees. >> what defending themselves? a kid against 40 men? did he have bullets? let's pretend he threw a stone. does h e deserve to be shot and killed? instructors say anyone looking to take their skills on the offense is not welcome. with the political process in a standoff both sides fearful of the other, neither will remain
2:48 am
truly safe. cnn jerusalem. well the international music superstar bono has been bringing us hit songs for more than 30 years. but a challenging year lies ahead for u2's front has man. the irish rocker posted a blog saying he may never be able to play the git tar again. he's been struggling to recover from a bicycle accident in new york. back in november bono underwent hours of surgery for multiple fractures to his upper poddy and head and has no memory of what happened to him still. three decades ago, 30 years ago, marty mcfly hoped to a da lorian and then on to a hover board in the year 2015. now that we're actually here we'll look back at how close the film "back to the future" came to its predictions about life in 2015. you give... and you give...
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and then you give some more. but sometimes you get. and so you take. tylenol® cold is strong enough for you while children's tylenol® is gentle enough for them. we give you relief from your cold and flu. you give them everything you've got. tylenol®.
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britain's prince andrew is being accused of having forcible sex with a minor. his name appeared on a u.s. court file. cnn's max foster gets reaction for us from the british royal family. bucking ham palace strongly denying the claims in the u.s. lawsuit that prince andrew sexually abused an underage girl who alleged he was used as a sex slave.
2:52 am
the woman who is not named in the lawsuit accuses the prince of engaging in impropriety with underage minors. the legal age of consent there is 18. the alleged abuse took place between 1999 and 2002. the woman claims that disgraced u.s. multimillionaire jeffrey epstein loaned her out to his friends including prince andrew. epstein has already been convicted of sexual offenses but this latest filing relates to how the prosecutors handled this conviction. the court documents say he was forced to have sexual relations with this prince when he was a minor in london, new york and on a private caribbean island. the civil suit was filed in 2008. 2011 prince andrew the queen's second son apologized for the friendship with epstein and denied having any sexual contact with any of the young woman connected with the banker. it's rare for buckingham palace
2:53 am
to respond to ongoing legal proceedings but issued a statement saying this relates to long standing and on going civil proseergd in the united states of which the duck of york is not a party. for the avoidance of doubt any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue. max foster cnn london. three decades ago, 30 years ago, can you believe it's been that long the film "back to future" made om big promises for what the year 2015 would look like. have any of the predictions come true? jake tapper looks at what the popular movie got right and wrong about our new year. >> don't touch anything marty. we're finally here we're at the
2:54 am
future. the year 2015. >> 2015? we're in the future. >> and sit exactly as "back to the future" from 1985 -- >> where we're going we don't need roads. >> -- and it sequel "back to the future part 2" foretold. ♪ >> we were fortunate enough to have a time machine in our movie that we were able to stretch the sequel forward. >> yes, that stretch included a future with hover boards and flying cars. >> i need to borrow your hover board. >> now hover board aren't exactly ubiquitous yet. this from last year looked convincing and even featured dock brown and legendary skateboarder toni hawk. but just a few weeks ago this video popped of hawk riding a
2:55 am
prototype of an actual hover board. how about the flying cars? >> hey, right on time. >> cars these day are still a ground based technology but there is a tech race going on to create the first flying car. the massachusetts firm has been working on a model as well as i tech which flies a flying do you know buggy today. we're still waiting on the self lacing shoes from nike ki. no sign of them hitting the stores yet, nor self adjusting jackets. so the film was a little optimistic and, in some cases, completely off. >> system works swiftly in the future now that they've abolished all lawyers. 3-5 movies are fun at the box office even if we never got to jauz 19. but on the small screen nailed it. >> okay. i want channels 18, 24 63 --
2:56 am
>> ale the teleconferences on tv looked like sci-fi fiction. but today flat screen tvs are everywhere and you can video conference on your cell phone. though phones are one area where the movie whiffed. pay phone on the set but they're almost nowhere to be found today. and fax machines though they're still around barely played a huge role in that movie's fake future. when it come to the mcflies at dinner we're waiting on the instant pizza. but we did get kids preoccupied by their own digital world. the films used glasses bases devices. of course you can pick up a call today op your google glass. >> nobody calls me chicken needle. >> a few years ago the star of the film cede it best about the trilogy. >> the irony about this movie about time is it's timeless. >> one last thing. >> cubs win world series.
2:57 am
i guess miami? >> miami does have a baseball team but i wouldn't hold your breath for the marlins or the cub byes to make it to year. jake tapper cnn washington. >> we're back to the present next with our top stories. thanks for watching. i'm natalie allen.
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♪ developing overnight -- two large pieces of debris and an oil split. what this tells us about how